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Chinese cruise line could emerge in three years
It’s become a given in the industry that China is emerging as an important cruise market.
So when, many ask, will China introduce it’s own cruise line?
Through an interpreter, Zheng Weihang of China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association, answered, ” In a little while.’ Then he held up three fingers, signifying the number of years until a Chinese line emerges.
In Monday’s China Cruise Industry Update, MICHAEL Bailey of Royal Caribbean noted that having a second ship homeport in Tianjin speaks to the market’s potential. In face, Tianjin is Royal Caribbean’s sixth-largest homeport.
The recent development of Tianjin Cruise Port gives major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean and Costa Cruises, easier access. And that gives millions of Chinese vacationers- a rapidly rising middle class- an alternative way to travel. Factor easy access to Beijing and Tianjin offers a corridor of 30 million potential passengers.


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