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Weihai International Economic & Technical Cooperative Co., Ltd (WIETC), the vice-chairman Company of China Coordination Council For Overseas Seamen Employment, is among the first companies in China to dispatch hotel staff to international cruise lines. Ever since the dispatchment of the first stewards to cruise ships trading in Southeast Asia in 1998,the company has maintained long-term and stable cooperations with a number of cruise in countries and regions such as HongKong, Singapore, Italy, Monaco and the United States. We have dispatched a total of over 500 stewards to passenger ships including Asian sightseeing cruises and Global luxury cruises. The stewards dispatched by the company were well recognized and accepted by cruise companies for their professionalism, good obedience and diligence.
WIETC has been engaged in international cruise crewing business for many years and a leading player among the domestic counterparts in this industry with an established social reputation:
——A complete operational system of recruitment training, dispatching and management;
——A professional and competent management team;
——A stable and efficient network for recruitment nationwide;

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